The | TKM MASK – The mask that ELIMINATES 99% GERMS
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With the Coronavirus spreading quickly throughout the world wearing face masks become very crucial. To prevent this dangerous virus from spreading quickly, maintaining social distancing is the first important thing. Another thing is whenever you go out to buy something wear a mask. It is essential because this virus spreads so quickly.

To avoid the virus infecting you, you need to select a great quality mask. Using a poor quality mask won’t guarantee your safety from germs. TKM is the mask that can permanently eliminate 99% germs. The reason behind the effectiveness of the TKM mask is its revolutionary technology.

The good thing about this mask is it ensures your better protection from germs as well as provides great comfort. So it can be a very comfortable mask for you and for your children.

The major reason behind the protection with this mask is its silver ion technology. The silver ion technology is used in the mask to avoid the growth of microorganisms to get protection from unprotected surfaces. The technology is very effective and it is proven safe for humans, and animals.

The silver ion technology forms a protective surface against microbes, pathogens, and bacteria. If you are going to a very polluted location, then wearing this mask can protect you against dust and pollution. With the increase in numbers of vehicles on the road, pollution has been one of the major issues nowadays. Not taking precautions against this may harm your body. Wearing a mask becomes more important when you are going to a high traffic area.

Here are some key features of this TKM mask:

Anti Bacterial

This is an ISO 20743-2007 anti-bacterial mask. The ISO certification of the mask ensures better quality. As we have seen, the mask provides great safety through its silver ion technology. The technology in the mask helps to avoid bacterial growth on unprotected surfaces. So using the TKM mask will help you stay safe from germs and bacteria.


Dust and pollution are some of the major problems we face in our day to day life. Using a mask becomes more important when you go to high traffic locations. It is also a great dust-proof mask. The mask has advanced technology which ensures protection from dust and pollution.

Breathable soft cotton

Many masks out there in the market that may provide pretty good protection from germs, but most of them are uncomfortable to wear. Breathing can be difficult with them. This mask is made up of breathable soft cotton, which provides great comfort.

Depending on the type of mask you select, some are reusable and some are not. Another key feature of the TKM mask is it is reusable. You can keep using this mask, even after using it over and over again. Even after washing it for so many times, it will keep providing its antibacterial effect. And, you also have different color options to choose from. You can choose from black, navy blue, and pink colors.


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