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Life after Covid 19

Life after Covid 19

Humans have always found ways to adapt very quickly in a crisis. Even before the rather sudden lockdowns were announced around the globe. Who’d have thought it would take a global pandemic and an economic crisis to see how we can re-imagine our future on the planet? COVID-19 has swept through the world like a tsunami wave. It has showed no discrimination, infecting people regardless of religion, class or wealth, ignoring national borders, demanding attention and sweeping aside any attempts to deliver ‘business as usual’.

It’s been incredible how rapid this implementation has occurred with hour-by-hour Covid-19 news unfolding yet it’s happened. Workers who had never worked remotely before had to take crash courses and are now working safely from the comfort of their own abodes. Certainly, the benefits are being felt in the environment yet it has helped people to slowdown and reflect on their current work practices.

Covid-19 has brought family, friends and communities together in ways that were almost unimaginable a couple of months ago. Even though we’re currently having to live in isolation and physically distance ourselves from others for the short term we thankfully have technology that allows us to be entertained, to work from and to communicate with. It has also shined a light on the strength of our community, as thousands have volunteered to help out, and waves of applause has rippled up and down the country in appreciation of our key workers. These are the real heroes who place themselves in danger every day, providing vital services, fighting the virus, and caring for the vulnerable and the sick.

So, where are we heading with work and careers for the future? Technology might just be our saving grace in this situation. Like every pandemic before, this one will pass and we’ll be able to meet and greet again but what Covid-19 has done is throw out some quite appealing alternatives for how we work that may ultimately balance work and lifestyle, as well as saving the climate in the process!

The way we go about our daily lives has changed. These have been trying times for everyone. What will our “new normal” be like?

I think it will be very different than prior to the pandemic. Some people will continue social distancing, limit going out for entertainment and still wear masks.

After experiencing this crisis, I believe we will be better prepared to handle an emergency and we will come out stronger.





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